Essay on L ' Oreal, The Beauty And Cosmetic Company

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1 Introduction
This report will examine L 'Oréal, the beauty and cosmetic company originating in France. By evaluating the organization and their operations, this report will aim to reach a coherent conclusion as to whether they are a suitable placement provider. This is highly important due to the increasing number of students choosing to partake in a placement year to gain vital experience in the business world. It is therefore important to assess the business in general to establish how suitable a business is as a placement provider.
To assess the suitability of L 'Oréal as a placement provider, this report will first analyse the business itself, identifying the brand divisions, analysing their marketing strategy and identifying key competitors in the industry. Secondly, the report will investigate the people that are enabling L 'Oréal to operate, considering the employees, the organizational structure and the company mission/ goals. This report will finally assess the financial status of L 'Oréal, looking at its profits and other key financial markers.
On consideration of these factors, it will allow for some conclusion to be made as to whether L 'Oréal is a suitable placement provider for those students considering and applying for a placement year. 2 L 'Oréal Background History – Key dates
2.1 1907 - Founding of L 'Oréal
French cosmetic/beauty company L 'Oréal originated in 1907 after a chemist from Paris named Eugène Schueller founded and produced one of the very…

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