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L’Oréal Paris is the French cosmetics branch of its parent company, L’Oréal SA. The division firm is an efficient designer of integrating marketing communications by utilizing an array of marketing activities through authorized channels and maintaining a constant brand message to customers for decades. The success of L’Oréal is derived from long-term customer relationships, client loyalty, and brand ambassadors with influence. Despite being slow to adapt to cultural and demographic changes, L’Oréal has proven to bounce back with quick recovery through effective marketing tactics. The original 1971 slogan “Because We’re Worth It” is a simplistic, yet powerful, foundation upon which the entire marketing strategy of L’Oréal Paris is based on. …show more content…
They are being reactive instead of proactive.

• Europe and America Slogan Impact – L’Oréal’s slogan doesn’t have quite the impact in the United States or Europe in which women are already feeling empowered from established rights.

• Outdated Advertising – Tying the two issues above, L’Oréal’s slogan may overall be an outdated concept in an ever changing and evolving world.

Personal Case Analysis:

As a man, I’m not very familiar with L’Oréal Paris’s products in the slightest. I’ve heard of the company but that’s about it. That being said, I fully understand the meaning behind their slogan “Because We’re Worth It” in that it gives women confidence and determination. The products themselves are not what empowers women in areas where their rights are restricted (like Asia and Africa); the brand slogan is the focal point upon which women in third-world countries are able to feel better about themselves and where their place in society is. In America, women are already pretty empowered as is with the sheer number of job opportunities available and worth ethic that has been a staple in the past several
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However, they need to step up their game and ensure they are keeping up with the times and cultural changes in the every shifting modern world. This is especially true with Europe and America as usually they are the leading forefront for cultural change that sends a shockwave across the world for other nations to follow and emulate. With the ever changing digital world and the desire for instant gratification, the brand slogan of “Because We’re Worth It” needs to ensure the message is delivered efficiently and directly to target audiences.

Taking advantage of the various digital and social media outlets is key for L’Oréal to ensure its sales and influence remains strong. With its already powerfully established network, the utilization of normal people over celebrities would be more effective as they are literally advertising the rest of society to further get the message across. This would be effective in Europe and America as the celebrity vs society gap widens further and further. The digital technology available would also allow L’Oréal to stay on top of shifts in popular fads (memes) and cultural development in evolving

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