Kwanzan Cherry Essay

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One beautiful ornamental woody tree is the Kwanzan Cherry scientifically named Prunnus serrulata. This beautiful specimen tree has noteworthy characteristics such as bronze foliage with large clustered pink double flowers and distinguishable cherry like bark. Taking a personal interest in the Kwanzan cherry I will discuss history and origin of the tree, uses of the tree, propagation and growing methods, and current and relevant news around the tree. Before hitting the main points, here is some useful features and information on the Kwanzan cherry. Many say it is the most popular cultivar of all the double flowering cherries (Web 1), which is explained through its many great features. With stunning clusters of pink flowers in April to early May, you get twice as many pedals and blooms as found on other trees! The tree also offers bronzy foliage in the spring and good fall color along with reddish brown cherry like bark, overall the tree has decent multisession appeal. The small to medium sized tree has a nice vase shape and slow to medium growing speed reaching a mature height of 30-40’. Although this tree has a limited life span its beauty makes it worth planting. The Kwanzan can thrive in almost any soil but is not stress, salt, or drought tolerant and needs a lot of sun. Overall, the Kwanzan …show more content…
This particular tree is often grated on P. avium (Starret, 2016) commonly known as sweet cherry or wild cherry. Soft wood cutting and grafting are more common methods for propagation. Air layering can be carried out to quickly establish a tree with mature characteristics. The tree can also be obtained elsewhere which will be discussed toward the end of this paper. After the initial planting, it’s important to water regularly. Fertilizer can also be used once a year. Pruning for various reasons (shape or pest control) should be done in Winter or early Spring (Web

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