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 Kurt Vonnegut, the pessimistic optimist Kurt Vonnegut is widely regarded as a pessimist, the evidence found within the short stories of Kilgore Trout actually prove the opposite. Kurt Vonnegut is very much an optimist; the proof is in his critique of society. By pointing out the inherent flaws, selfish actions, and destructive tendencies within the human race Vonnegut is hopeful that by reading his stories and contemplating their meaning a light bulb will turn on and prompt an

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Vonnegut is the first to admit (2) that he makes his living by being impolite. He goes on to say that he may not be the most intelligent or stable person around, though it's not necessarily his fault, because other people have put the things in his head that don't fit together nicely, that are useless and ugly, and are out of proportion (5).

Above all else, Kurt Vonnegut is a pacifist, and his
pacifistic views are the major theme of Slaughterhouse-Five. They
form a definite undercurrent in the other three novels that are
under study as well.

Through the mouth of Kilgore Trout, Vonnegut states his
opinion on what the human race deserves, and what we deserve is
to die horribly, since we have behaved so cruelly and wastefully
on a planet that is so sweet (BC 18). Vonnegut has already
established at this juncture that the chief weapon of the sea
pirates "was their capacity to astonish. Nobody else could
believe, until it was much too late, how heartless and greedy
they were" (BC 12). Thus, it comes as no surprise that Vonnegut
believes we deserve to die horribly.

Possibly the best insight he lends is that we are actually
de-evolving, that we were at our best when we were innocent great
apes with a limited means for doing mischief (36). He repeats
this view a few pages later when he states that a lovely thing to
be on this planet is an idiot, better even than being highly
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