Kurt Sutter 's Sons Of Anarchy And Hbo 's Dexter Essay

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Inside A vigilantly
Unless you have been living under a rock over the past decade you have probably heard young adults exclaim their excitement to go home and “Netflix and chill”. Several networks have produced hard hitting dramas over the last few years that have Americans “binge-watching” and becoming highly more emotionally invested than ever before. Two of my personal favorites are Kurt Sutter’s: Sons of Anarchy and HBO’s Dexter. Both of the shows depict its main character involved in intense lives of crime. The overall connection most people have to the protagonist of both, is fascinating on account of they are both serial killers. The prime objective of my analyzation is to study the character development of both criminals and their motives of crime to determine what may make viewers empathize and obsess over what is technically considered murder. In both leading roles of the two shows the character seems to be attractive, financially well off, in addition to already having established a life of crime by the time the show has begun. Dexter is shown as an extreme introvert who has a social awkwardness, and who’s life of crime is very hidden. Jax teller in Sons of Anarchy is a ladies’ man, who wears his “patch” (biker gang association) on the back of his jacket each day, thus showing everyone exactly what he is up to. While Dexter acts independently in his crime, Jax is a part of a very unified biker gang. While…

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