Essay on !Kung and Nisa

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The book, “Nisa The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman,” written by Marjorie Shostak is a culturally shocking and touching book about a woman who had gone through many struggles and horrific tragedies in her life. This book also highlights the perspective of most of the women in the society. There are many issues in this book that the people of the !Kung tribe goes through. Out of all the women in the tribe Shostak had made close connections with a fifty-year-old woman named Nisa. According to Shostak, “None of the women had experiences as much tragedy as Nisa…” (Shostak, 1981, p. 351). The book is written in Nisa’s point of view of her life experiences while growing up in that type of society. Women, although still equal to men have …show more content…
Marriage in America is very simple, a person usually falls in love with someone and then marries them, or if they do not find any one, some parents make an arranged marriage or “blind dates” so they could get married sooner. Marriage in America is varied because of the different culture, but the only way it is different from the !Kung tribal culture is that no one gets married at such a young age. Most marriages in !Kung society are arranged by senior members of the kinship group. Marriages are common between cousins, but it becomes difficult due to a complicated naming system. Sometimes cousins are named as siblings, removing them as a choice in marriage. In many societies birth is viewed in so many different ways but for the !Kung birth is generally not considered to be a big issue. No real preparation is done, a woman who is about to give birth will use her mother or an elder aunt for comfort, and go back to her daily routine within the hour. After the birth, the child will receive love from the village. During drought conditions, fertility of the women is generally low. For those children that still happen to be born under severe drought conditions the mother will quietly end the child's life to save the child from severe and certain future suffering. An accepted behavior known as infanticide, it ends the reality of living in a harsh climate and that in their environment it is more of a risk to spend resource on a newborn that is likely not to

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