Essay on Kuhn 's Paradigm And Change

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Kuhn’s Paradigm and Change As the world changes around us, and new discoveries arise, one may wonder how these changes and discoveries came about. Science is studied by all age groups of all backgrounds, in order to gain better understanding of the world around us. Curiosity and hypotheses lead to experimentation, observation, and discoveries that change as we progress through time. Studies in science rely on philosophical, historical cases, and data. Over fifty years ago, one man looked into the process of scientific discovery with a unique and revolutionary perspective and changed the way mankind thinks about the scientific world. In 1962, physicist Thomas Kuhn published “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” Kuhn’s book gives us an insight to the scientific process and the track that it has taken. Kuhn’s views are different from what was traditionally believed about the scientific method and he has received a large amount of criticism. Kuhn’s book has become one of the most cited academic books of all time (Naughton, 2012). The major controversies with Kuhn’s theories deal with his interpretation on the process of normal science, his development on the theory on phases, and the concept of “incommensureability” in which theories share no commonality or point of measure. A considerable amount of the criticism came from the fact that Kuhn shared viewpoints with philosopher Karl Popper, who believed that theories are not wrong or right, but they may prove…

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