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Marketing Research of Kudler's Fine Foods
Jerrel Jones
February 14, 2011
Lee Melancon, III

Marketing Research of Kudler's Fine Foods In today’s business world, companies are constantly trying to create new products in order to boost sales for the shareholders and the company. Ideas are being brought to the table daily to ensure the survival of a company. Before a product can be looked at as a finished good, it must first go through a rigorous process that we call marketing research. Careful research, planning, and implementation take place during this critical process. Here we will explore the importance of marketing research and why it is the fundamentals of marketing. What is marketing research? Marketing
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Planning and strategizing work together to help organization identify and set goals for the company. The management team can make better decisions once a plan is put in place. Kudler’s team of researchers has researches the world because they have discovered that more and more Americans are starting to eat healthier. In eating healthier, consumers want to purchase the best foods at an affordable price. Researches use different concepts and methods to lure their customers to buy their product. The concepts are just your general ideas about the product. An example of a concept on a new product is to provide the customer with a picture or a verbal description of the new product. Another concept that many grocery stores use is the free sampling of the new product. By giving a customer a free sample of a product, the company can determine whether or not the product will be profitable enough to sell in the stores. If the company finds any problems, then methods will be used to collect to solve all or most of the problem. (Management, 2010). Kudler has a new idea of starting a new catering service. In order to make this a success, Kudler will first have to find a problem in order to have an opportunity to satisfy customers. Like mentioned before, people today are looking to eat healthier and stay in shape. The research team would have to find the healthiest foods and sell them for reasonable prices. Organic foods have been the new frontier of a healthier diet.

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