Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Differentiating Between Market Structures in Kudler

Differentiating Between Market Structures in Kudler Kathy Kudler started Kudler Fine Foods out of La Jolla, California, in 1998 (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). With the success of the original store, she the opened stores in Del Mar and Encinitas California. Kathy Kudler came up with the idea for these high-end food stores as she has a fondness for cooking gourmet food. Kudler thought others might share her passion if they could conveniently locate the ingredients for these gourmet recipes. The first Kudler store was a complete success and turned a profit within the first year. As with any businesses some of the Kudler Fine Food stores were struggling with the
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This means that Kudler Fine Foods could have more competition at any time. They currently face regular supermarkets, health food stores, and other gourmet food stores such a Trader Joes. Kudler Fine Foods should look frequently at advertisement methods and devise new strategies that keep their customers satisfied with Kudler products and services.
Customer loyalty is key in marketing and must hit the right target market. Kudler Fine Foods has to maintain competitive pricing and expansion of selling their product through the Internet. They need to have a specific website to promote Kudler’s catering services. They should look at expansion in the right geographical locations. Kudler Fine Foods may accomplish appropriate expansion by evaluating the current market and its customer base. Kudlers should be aware of things like the number of stores in the area that carry similar products, the ages and interests of the customer base, and how many other catering operations are in that area. Kudler Fine Foods does have some areas of weakness or concern. The have high wage costs due to their unique work positions is one of the largest areas. Kudler needs determine if a position is important for operations. Having a baker with the ability to produce high quality and gourmet baked goods will be useful in pleasing the customer. While the position of the wine steward might be able to eliminated with little

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