Kudler Fine Foods Wesite Evaluation Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Website Evaluation
Team A/ J. Orr, M. Hamill, C. Schwab, D. Burtch, E. Brown, K. Hubbard, & L. Sizemore
Constantinos Rousos


Kudler Fine Foods is known for dedicating their business towards catering specialty food choices through pleasing shopping experiences. So, after considerate analysis of Kudler Fine Foods website, we have determined that an implementation of all "alt" tags would enhance interactions with potential visitors considerably. By implementing better-selected images, Kudler Fine Foods will provide visitors with more intriguing visual content through imagery and informational media files. By using these,
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And, with that type of prestigious presentation, we determined that it would be in
Kudler best interest to implement bolder text and italics to aid in the skim ability of the overall content within the site.
Kudler Fine Foods expectations for enhancing customer loyalty and commitment, include plans towards expanding services to generate revenue. So, the use of hyperlinks and roll-over text enhancements will improve visitor interest as well. Suggestions for creating stylish resource sections, consisting of owner and contributors acknowledgments, will also provide a respectable appearance for customers and visitors. Kudler could also consider creating an interface section providing memberships like frequent shopper programs, will both increase efficiency and decrease product costs for the overall corporation. Very importantly, evaluating and checking all components of Kudler website is suggested, in order to stay accurate with HTML/CSS coding standards. Using W3C coding validation checker to correct any and all errors and warning alerts. Through a few adjustments and text alterations, Kudler Find Foods site has the great potential for providing great user-friendly interface representation.
Week 4 - Design Criteria – Item 2

Is the site's design esthetically appealing?
Implement a more appealing color scheme including lighter tones to enhance user readability, also

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