Krokodil Positive Effects

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Addicts will go through whatever measures to satisfy their needs. However, there are a few addicts to deny one drug in particular due to its terrifying aftermath. This flesh eating drug has earned its title as one of the world most dangerous drug and is one many people do not take lightly. Medically referred to as desomorphine, this horrifying drug commonly goes by “krokodil” due to its popular side effect. There have been a small percentage of reported cases in the United States that symmetrize those that have been found back in Europe. However, nothing compares to the phenomenal outbreak in Russian territory. Speaking realistically, an addict has a poor chance of taking back their life after krokodil, but informing the public may help one realize that taking such a drug isn’t worth their life. It’s in ones best interest to know where krokodil originated, the negative effects that it has on …show more content…
Addicts who suffer financially will not hesitate to use their last rubble (Russian currency) on their bad habits. However, many will settle for something a little more in their price range. When times get tough krokodil is the drug one goes to for it gives its users similar effects to that of heroin and costs much cheaper, leading it to also be associated as “the poor mans drug”. In fact, in 2011 anecdotal reports from Russia suggested that ten tablets of over the counter codeine, which happens to be the main kick in krokodil, could be purchased for 120 Russian rubles or $3.71 US dollars (Erowid 2013). The amount of krokodil produced with 120 rubbles is equivalent to that of 500 rubbles worth of heroin –making it Russia’s

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