Kroger Case Analysis

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Kroger does very well at providing superior shopping experiences for its customers. It has friendly staffs, quality products and superior services. Of course, it still has some deficiencies, and there are also have some other stores have competitive advantages compare with it. Meijer Lake Lansing is the biggest competitor of Kroger East Lansing. And we are interested in how these two stores following the new rules of retailing; and also concern about how Kroger should do in order to grab market share from Meijer.


I did the research on Friday, October 2ed, 2015. And I interviewed 15 customers who made purchased at Kroger on this Friday afternoon. And according to the result of my survey, 14 of 15 interviewees said they would to go to Meijer Lake Lansing if they did not find what they wanted at Kroger, and the rest one just said she would not to buy if they could not get it at Kroger. So it is obviously that the biggest competitor of Kroger East Lansing is Meijer Lake Lansing. And the reasons for this result are mainly because of Meijer’s location and
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Kroger put a lot of effort to convince its customers the health of its products. The theme of Kroger East Lansing these years is discovering local farms and farmers. There are many billboards around the store, which have farms’ and farmer’s names on them. Customers can know where these produces come from, which can make them make purchase more securely. And Kroger also classify its produces into many categories. For example. Kroger puts all certified organic produces together, and puts all local products in one section. You also can find it puts all gluten free produces together. Kroger is trying its best to sell natural and organic products as many as possible. So that customers can know Kroger care about their needs and

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