Essay about Kristen Heather Strickland : The Oldest Growing Up

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Kristen Heather Strickland was born November 13th 1967 in Fall River Massachusetts. She was the eldest child of her parents Richard and Claudia Strickland. “Kristen was the oldest growing up in what seemed to be a well-adjusted home. Kristen lived her early years to preteen years without any problems, including in school and at home with family” (Jakclyn Rankin, 2013). She did well in school all the way through high school and graduated early at the age of only sixteen years old. After high school she attended Greenville College and graduated with a nursing degree, and later received her nursing license in 1988. She married Glenn Gilbert that same year, and started her first job as a nurse at the Veterans Medical Center in North Hampton Massachusetts. It was not an ideal marriage from the start; early on, during an argument, Gilbert chased her husband through the house with a butcher knife” (Medical bag, 2013). Following the birth of her first of two children, and her maternity leave she got assigned to Ward C of the Veterans Medical Center. “She opted to work late shifts following her return from maternity leave and it was from this time that there was an increase in the death rate of patients on that ward. To her colleagues, Kristen was a dedicated, highly skilled nurse who always appeared calm and competent during an emergency”( Starr, L, 2009). At this point in her life working as a nurse on Ward C she started her killing spree. This will be further…

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