Kotter 's Theory Of Change Management Models Essay

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Change is inevitable and bound to happen in all aspects of life including business. Although change is important in an organization, it can also be seen as a strength and weakness. Effective leadership is about mastering change. One must be willing to change in order to grow and be successful. This paper will compare and contrast Kotter and Kurt Lewin step in their change management models. Furthermore, it will elaborate on the concepts and explain whether these methods can be used at the same time. In addition, this paper will include a Christian worldview of the information discussed and how it relates to the change management models.
Kotter’s Management Model John Kotter studied success and change. During this process he learned that change has to go through several phases. According to Clawson (2012) “Kotter’s research outlined eight reasons that corporate change fail and eight corresponding ways of managing them. Kotter’s counsel was that change leaders should (1) establish a sense of urgency, (2) create a guiding, powerful coalition, (3) develop a clear and powerful vision and strategy, (4) communicate the change vision at every point possible, (5) redesign the organization to remove obstacles to change, (6) find short-term successes to celebrate, (7) consolidate short-term wins into new change initiatives, and ( 8) ensure that the changes are incorporated into the underlying organizational culture (p.323-324).” Establishing a sense of urgency helps to…

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