Kotter 8 Approach Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The 8 steps are: to establish a sense of urgency, form a powerful guiding coalition, develop a vision and strategy, communicate the change vision, empower others to act on the vision, generate short-term wins, consolidate gains and produce more change, anchor new approaches in the culture. According to (Smith, 2011) the article states “there are four things one must do to start the sense of urgency activate, accelerate, achieve, and assess”. Easter Seals should have activated a sense of urgency 1990 when the company had to take out a loan toward the mortgage. In addition, now in 2012 there should be an urgency to assess and correct the mismanagement of staff, over payment of staff, and prevent the company from having to file bankruptcy again. There should be a meeting called in the corporate office by CEO Rita Baumgartner to find ways to cut cost.However,if the organization sees sign of loss profits the organization should respond at a much faster pace before the organization gets to a point where it cannot recover from the damage done internally.
The second step would be to form a guiding coalition. In fact, (Weiss, 2012)
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The vision of Easter Seals is “Every person is valued and enjoys access, independence and opportunities to reach their full potential” ( Smith, 2011 ).It is important that the employees are empowered to push the vision to the customer and clients of the organization. Employees have to make sure their customer feel they believe in what their vision stands for. The organization must acknowledge short term gains. If the employee sees they are appreciated for even small short term goals they are like to work even harder for the organization. Easter Seals employees have felt they are not reward for hard work within the organization. The next step is to consolidate gains and produce more change. Easter Seal has been able to to pay off some of their old debts but they still need to produce more change amongst the organization. Easter Seals should see some improvements in their fiancés at this

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