Korean War : North Korea Essay

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North Korea has put the world in a very precarious situation, with the risk of nuclear war breaking out being front and center. They have constantly appeared in the news for various hostile activities, but their nuclear weapons program is the most prominent. It appears that North Korea acts with hostility towards all western countries, most notably by threatening the United States with nuclear weapons. What is even more terrifying, however, is North Korea’s hostility towards its greatest ally, China. China first became allied with North Korea when it intervened in the Korean War (25 June 1950 - 27 July 1953) to defend the communist forces in the northern region of Korea. China’s intervention was crucial for North Korea to survive the war: it ultimately led to the founding of North Korea. Simply put, China helped create North Korea. Yet North Korea has consistently insulted China, and proclaimed proudly that it does not need China, nor any other country. These actions have made the current nuclear standoff with North Korea even more precarious by making negotiations more difficult. It is difficult to negotiate with North Korea because they have been consistently hostile towards their greatest ally, China, and have proudly proclaimed that they need no other country, so North Korea is therefore unwilling to negotiate with any other countries. After the collapse of the Japanese Empire at the end of World War II, Japan relinquished their control over the Korean Peninsula. The…

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