Korean History in Hawaii Essay examples

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• The Koreans left their homeland because they were being oppressed by the Japanese.
• The first wave of Korean immigrant to Hawaii which was an American colony. There experience in Hawaii was better than the other entire immigrant group because at the time Hawaii was still mostly Hawaiian and not Americans. So they were treated fairly and were paid 75-95 cents a day comparing to the Irish, who made 1 dollar a week.
• Life as an immigrant was the Korean immigrant working for an sugar plantation, but later on they moved to working on pineapple plantation because they were paid more, less racism, and it was between the rural and the urban of Hawaii so they can buy stuff from the city.
• Also in the beginning some Korean tried to start
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This made the Korean take this job as revenge.
• The Korean immigrant was mostly brought in by Christian missionaries.
• The Immigration Laws and Acts made it so the Koreans were not able to become American citizen. Also because the Japanese took over Korea they stopped the Koreans for immigrating to American. This is why there is a huge gap between the first wave and the second wave.
Washington History
• Because of the Dawes act half of the south part of Washington was given to white people and taken from the Native American
• In 1910 Women was allowed to vote.
• Boeing company in Washington made weapons for world war 1
• The Great Northern Railroad was complete in Washington in the 1893 Depression of the 1893
• The depression caused 25% of Americans railroads to be bankrupt, in some cities more than 20% of the citizens were unemployed, and weirdly people blamed the depression on the people who didn’t work. This idea was so believed that Unemployed people believe they were the cause of it and some even committed to suicide.
• Many middle class people at the time feared that the lower class will start anarchy and ruin them.
• An Ohio business man came up with radical ideas to save the countries. Yet most of them was not even tried till the government thought it was there last choice. His idea created jobs for government work, like building public

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