Korean Food Restaurant in Hk Analysis Essay

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Korea Culture become popular in Hong Kong in recent years. People would like to enjoy the Korean Food, especially the Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant. Now it is in the Growth stage as there are some Korean Restaurant exist, more competition and different types of Korean Food are provided. There are a growing trend of Korean Food. Korean Food Buffet commenced in 1993, its awareness rapidly increase. There are some chain restaurant like Han-yang Won and Hon Wo Korean Restaurant, they have 5 to 6 branches separately. Their target market is middle price $200 per person for dinner on Korean buffet. And there are some small Korean food restaurant, aim for high class consumer and do not provide the Korean buffet. There are no company absolutely …show more content…
It reflects customer were not pleased of the performance.

Hon Wo Korean Restaurant launch 5 branches from 1993, it has the biggest Korean food branches all over Hong Kong and also be the most famous Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant during recent years. It make use on social media like Facebook, it attract the young people by putting some electronic Coupon per month. This month is the 15% discount off of the dinner buffet.

K-Pot Korean Hot pot established in last year, there are 3 branches opened in Mong Kok, Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan. The average consumption per person is $200-$330,depends on which types of brief consumer choose, now is the only one chain of the Korean Hot Pot Buffet at the middle price level. Its signature dish is Budae jjigae and the Korean hot pot. Consumers normally satisfy its performance, there are only 3 crying face out of total 127 comments of Openrice. Moreover, it frequently upload the discount information in the mass media and promote the restaurant by putting the working photo in Facebook. However, lower awareness made lower than 10 people will give like the post and consumer seldom give any comment. Location of Factor | Types of Factor | Internal | Favorable | Unfavorable | | Strengths * Reputable brand name among Hong Kong Consumers * Well management in food business * Bulk purchase on food materials, enjoy lower food cost * Enjoy economic of scale | Weakness * Hard to link with

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