Essay on Korean American War : The Korean War

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The Korean-American War The Korean American War was one of the well known wars from the past. It was a war that was trying to be prevented, but when war is coming you can 't prevent it you can just get ready for it. It was a nice little invasion until America jumped in to help defend what we now call South Korea. This small battle between the North and the South of Korea started little, but when an additional country jumps in you can 't do much but call this war. The Korean War started when Korea was one solid country. Nowadays Korea is two separate countries. There is North Korea and there is South Korea. North Korea were more of trouble makers than anything else. North Korea didn 't have much and they were too lazy to do anything peaceful and productive about it.(Dunn) The South had plenty of natural resources, but the North didn 't. Instead of the North doing something good about it, they marched all the way down to the South to invade and take what the South had that the North didn 't. While they were on their way down America jumped in to defend the South. That 's where the war sparked off.(Dunn) No one in the North or the South part of Korea wanted to start a war, all three of them hated war. The war just came from violence from two countries and two sides of one of them. Throughout this war there was what the Koreans, North and South, and the Americans called meets for peace. What occurred during this time was a few people from very high up in each of the three…

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