Korbel's Code Of Crisis Management

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Following the arrest of BIO CEO, Mr. Dusty Korbel, the subsequent recommendations are submitted for managing this specific crisis response while maintaining business continuity with established strong BIO leadership.
Due to the widespread media coverage of Mr. Korbel’s arrest coupled with the negative connotation it attaches to the leadership of BIO, it is necessary to immediately execute proper steps to ensure effective reputation management.
The first step required to manage this crisis is implementation of the established Crisis Management Plan (CMP) and utilization of the well-trained Crisis Management Team (CMT) which will aid in containing this crisis and limiting the duration.
The CMP establishes that the first communication strategy
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Mr. Korbel is out on bond at this time and has not been convicted.
Per BIO’s code of business conduct, required of all employees, Mr. Korbel is currently on administrative leave while the company looks into the matter. This recent event is not consistent with BIO’s code of business conduct or our reputation of integrity.
Meanwhile, BIO’s strong leadership, headed by Chairman of the Board, Dr. Harlow, will continue to operate as a global corporation with consistent excellence in both the oil industry and in ethics and integrity.
Further developments in this matter will be made public as they occur.
While this statement will be issued quickly to the media, it will also be submitted to all employees and stakeholders of BIO through email for a consistent messaging.
The CMT will continue to monitor all social media regarding this situation and respond accordingly. All inquiries of this situation will be recorded on the Stakeholder Contact Worksheet in the BIO intranet and will be assigned to a team member for
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It is my recommendation that the acting Chief Operations Officer (COO) should fulfill the duties of the CEO in his absence. The board should immediately confirm this leadership transition for business continuity. The CMT spokesperson will provide a separate press release to the media of the board’s recommendation to name the COO as acting CEO. Additional notifications will be sent to all stakeholders via email. Our web pages will be updated to reflect this change within 12 hours. This step utilizes established BIO leadership to act as the CEO which will allow for day-to-day operations to continue without

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