Kooper's Business Analysis

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Koopers Distribution which is a company that distributes baby products to retailer and customer. It is a new company that start to grow their business in the industry. They distribute many range of baby products like baby furniture, beddings, car seat, strollers, baby carrier, bottles/ accessories and even smart toys. They also have their own range of baby products while also a distributor for some brands like Umee (Holland), Diono (United State), Baby Cargo (United State), Easy Walker (Holland) and etc.
They start their business in 2015, at that time they have to carry their products to the retailer place in order to show and explain to them Koopers products and the product features in order to convincing them to sold Koopers’s product in
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Koopers have many different supplier for example EasyWalker, Umee, Diono, TCV, GElite, Inglesina, Baby Cargo, Mega Seat, CityGrips, Fisher-Price, Oops, Zooper, Childcare Nursery Products, Broon, Henes, Babyace and many more. All this are the supplier of Koopers import their product to Koopers and distribution toward the retail shop. Koopers product are highly safety and comfort as new born baby need a lot of care and safety in order to protect them. However this will need a lot of money and effort as currently young parents like baby product that are good in quality and must be stylish too. Also, they will be more willing to buy the product if is in a reasonable price and easy to use it. Therefore, Koopers distribute product that fulfill all these requirement, each product had manufactured with care and tested to guarantee the safety before it sold in the market. The product stylish mostly base on Western modern design and easy to use and most importance is Koopers car seat follow the lasted European safety standard which make Koopers the first local company that have baby car seats that have ISOFIX which is the international safety standard which the baby car seat could attachment in the passenger sit so it will be more safer compare to those traditional baby car seats. It also the first baby company that work closely with Miros (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) …show more content…
They want to fulfill more customer demand and satisfaction especially they receive some customer complain that are they are too busy to walk-in to the showroom or when they visit the one of the retail shop the baby product they want had sold out. So they decide to have ecommerce business, they have cooperation with Lazada so Koopers will sale their product on Lazada website, Koopers own website also have ecommerce function so they can order on their own website as well. They provide fast delivery service which the customer can receive product in 1~2 days as they use easyparcel to delivery which they can arrange courier service to pick up the stock from the company and direct send to the customer place, if there is a larger size of product need to be delivery by using Yamato transport (Ta-q-bin). They will provide tracking number so customer can know where the product had reach, if they have order on Koopers's website it can have more

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