Kolb 's Theory Of Experiential Learning Essay

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Theory is Everywhere: Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning
“College is hard, but dental school will break you”, is the first statement I heard from a 4th year student when I first started working with students as the graduate assistant for the Office of Student Affairs, within the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. I was shocked and confused by this statement because standing before me was a student who had graduated with a 3.95 grade point average in their undergraduate study and was in the top of their class in dental school. I asked them to clarify and they responded by explaining that the first two years are all bookwork with a few practical skills and the last two years are all practical work with little bookwork. They told me that the program breaks you because you can be the best “bookworm”, but not be able to practice well or be the opposite and struggle with bookwork and “kill” clinics.
Students in the dental school gain both book and practical skills during their four years and this is especially important because Ambrose and Poklop (2015) note that practical experience provides students with significant intellectual gains and a major increase in confidence when it comes to the selected field of study. The dental program curriculum both supports and challenges every student because they will be tested both on their intellectual skills and practical skills by assessing their ability to retain information and for their hand skills. This paper will discuss…

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