Kodak Strategic Plan Essay

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Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Eastman Kodak | For Terry Bell, VP of Strategy, Eastman Kodak Company |

Executive Summary
This report’s objective is to create a comprehensive strategic plan for Eastman Kodak. An assessment of Kodak’s value and mission will assist in understanding the overall strategy and operation of the company. The development of strategic objectives is based on a review of the company’s competitive environment and an analysis of its core business functions. This report will also give recommendations on how Kodak can use its resources to create capabilities that will push its competitive advantage and realign its organizational structure and management systems.
Mission and Values
Kodak's core values are,
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Current players in the market are recognized as experts in the field and have quality products. This strong brand recognition makes it unlikely for new entrants to gain market shares. One area that is threatening Kodak directly is the wave of camera phones. These devices have been developed and are updated every year that they alone create a very real threat to the digital imaging industry. (Businessinsider.com, 2012)
Buying power is something to be considerate of in this industry. Dealers and wholesales have a variety of options available to them so it’s not in there interest to favor one brand over another. Through the use of social media and the credibility of the companies, individual buyers have a large number of products to choose from that range in price. This could influence other potential buyers so this should be given more thought. This creates a very competitive industry known for its slim profit margins and low profitability.
“Cameras providers can develop their own manufacturing processes or turn to the numerous parts manufacturers without any prospect of economic retaliation” (Socsvc, 2012). Kodak requires a certain amount of manual labor for product assembly, but the company must also rely heavily on technological advances and innovation to succeed.
Evaluation of Core Business Functions
Kodak offers digital photography and printing products and services in fifty countries

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