Kobe Bryant : The Best Basketball Player Of The Last Decade Essay

1574 Words Oct 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Kobe Bryant is regarded by fans and critics as the best basketball player of the last decade. After winning five national championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant now focuses on developing his business skills to lead his life off the court. Bryant, during his farewell tour, penned multiple letters, which focused on his experience in the National Basketball Association, that received acclaim from his peers and critics. Ben McGrath of The New Yorker responded to Bryant’s Dear Basketball in his editorials “The Fourth Quarter” as well as his overall career. Letters tend to enrich relationships and provide a medium for self-expression where as editorials attempt to persuade their audience into believing their specific point by providing facts based on data and experience. Professional letters tend to enrich relationships and provide a medium for self-expression. They are relatively simple but their personal connection between the author of the letter and the reader allow for a sincere understanding of the particular message contained within the letter. Typically, dates and a subject line are located towards the top of the letter to identify the author and reader of the message. Bryant does not include a date or subject line because the subject of the letter is already included in the title and a date is not necessary since it was uploaded on the internet for his fans and critics to view at any time. A salutation and a complimentary close is also necessary to include…

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