Essay about Kobe Bryant And Lebron James

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Nowadays, when somebody talks about their favorite NBA Basketball player , Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are always the top two that come up in such conversations. These conversations are brought up because of their remarkable performances since the start of their basketball careers from a young kid to the professionals. Kobe Bryant plays as a 6 feet 6 inch shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James plays as a 6 feet 8 inch small forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers and is referred to as King James. Kobe Bryant has played 18 seasons in the NBA and has a lot of basketball experience while James has been in the league for 11 seasons which shows Kobe has more basketball knowledge about the game than him and also has achieved more than Lebron. On the basis of an individual approach,stamina and athleticism we can say Lebron has better understanding towards the game of basketball and he can all by himself give tough time to his opponents.
It is extremely tough to name one a better player than the other because each player has his own recognitions in the world of basketball. Kobe Bryant is really known as a scorer and his ability to put the ball through the basket and come clutch in time of tension leading his team to five championship titles as a Los Angeles Laker. Lebron is known as a facilitator. He is immensely athletic and will be remembered for his huge dunk throwdowns and has two championship titles with the Miami Heat in his 4 years played there. They both…

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