Knowledge Org Learning Essay

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Q1. How can social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter be used to improve knowledge sharing, build social capital, support innovation, and aid problem solving in one of the following context -
- A multinational corporation
- Small business networks in Australia or your home country
- Networks of community based Not for Profit organisations in Australia or your home country

Discuss the associated risks and benefits for this context

Table of Contents Introduction 4

Building Social Capital 5

Improving Knowledge Sharing 6

Aid Problem Solving 7

Supporting Innovation 8

Risks of Social Media 9

Conclusion 10

References 11

This essay examines how social media can be used to assist
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Latham & Watkins LLP, a large law firm, has a private social network which contains company’s policies and procedures, upcoming events and photos (Latham and Watkins 2014). This network is used in the early stage of the recruitment process, and when lawyers leave or retire from the firm. The firm allows future staff a limited access to the network to make connections and develop relations with staff, thus increasing the staff retention rate and productivity.
Communication between employees can be enhanced with the usage of social media. This is evident in multinational corporations, as social media assist employees from different countries to convey ideas and share knowledge easily. With increase in knowledge sharing, capabilities of the business can be improved (Andriessen 2002).
A knowledge-sharing community in multinational organisations can be easily created with the use of social media, keeping innovation ideas within the organisation (Chiu et al. 2006). Social networks at work help facilitate ongoing employee communication which encourages awareness and helps employees understand better the roles of other colleagues in different departments. This helps to increase staff satisfaction at work as they develop a sense of belonging to the whole

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