Knowledge Of Learning Styles Gives Insight Into Training Development

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Knowledge of learning styles gives insight into training development. Each individual has their own learning style, and these styles shape not only how we absorb new information, but what information format facilitates retention. The results from an online survey showed that my learning styles are highly reflective, moderately intuitive, moderately verbal, and moderately global. (NCSU) The following is a brief summary of each style reflected in my survey results.
These styles have many interesting aspects, first, reflective learning indicates a need to contemplate the material in order to understand and retain it. Reflective’s use this approach in most aspects of life and learning, preferring consideration before action. This approach often results in a reflective’s preference for individual effort, since, team settings tend to disrupt their thought processes.
Next, intuitive learning indicates a desire to comprehend potential ways that subject, course, or program materials relate to each other, and form a cohesive theme. Once this theme is understood, repetition of material may become an irritation if there is not enough variation or nuance to provide additional means to integrate the material into the understood theme. A result of this focus on interconnectivity provides intuitive’s the ability to perceive fresh ideas, and new material. One detriment to this type could be a distaste for rote-memory style learning, but with additional effort and application of the positive…

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