Effects Of Knowledge Of Calorie Count Will Affect Choices On A Menu

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Knowledge Of Calorie Count Will Affect Choices On A Menu
Of late, there has been a growing concern about health-related issues. Researchers have found that one of the factors that determine the status of one’s health is food. This vital factor provides the body with all the proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates that it requires. Many people are not fully aware of the calorific value of the foods they intake. They prefer to satisfy their hunger and do not realize the importance of knowing the nutrients present in food substances. A series of laboratory studies conducted by Kozup and his colleagues demonstrated that many consumers have very little knowledge of the high levels of calories, fat, and saturated fat found in many popular, less healthful
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They tend to opt for salads, fruits and vegetables and try to avoid fat-rich foods like chocolates, ice-creams, meat and desserts. 5542 observations of undergraduates during lunch time found that providing calorie information was associated with reductions in consumption of red meat, carbohydrates, and regular dairy products (Cinciripini 1984). The economy in pricing will decide the demand for an item. As people buy food almost on a daily basis, the price factor will affect the type and quantity purchased. Usually people tend to purchase foodstuffs that are inexpensive, rich in proteins and easily digestible. Their aim is to maintain optimum health along with minimizing the costs incurred on the procurement. The labels found on food products provide the price as well as the calorific values. Practically, when a person wants a food product, he goes to a store and is most likely to inspect the labeling and packing before buying it. He assesses the total nutrient content in the food that he will eat eventually. He will not favor foods that cause ill effects on health or those which can be harmful when consumed in high proportions. He will not buy it for the sake of his own well being. The same case is applicable to people who walk into a restaurant. Consumers’ purchase intentions for the less healthful items were significantly …show more content…
Foods that contain oil and sugar will increase carbohydrate level in the body. This leads to weight gain and may cause obesity. Researches have shown that females in particular tend to be very conscious about their weight than males. They are concerned about their bearing and general upkeep. This is attributable to the immense importance given by women towards looking slim and attractive at all times. Results showed that females were more likely than males to use the nutrition information labels to make food choices (Conklin, Lambert, & Cranage

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