Knowledge Management System Failure Case Study

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Figure 3 (Choy & Suk, 2005)
Why knowledge management systems fail?
In light of the works of various specialists and creators, there are two classifications of components, to be specific "causal" and "resultant" (Frost, 2014). Causal elements mention basic issues inside the association, which prompts to conditions that are not appropriate for KMS. They are not generally effectively noticeable and they prompt to various side effects, known as "resultant" variables. For each of these focuses, there is significant experimental proof and in addition hypothetical consultations connecting them to KMS disappointment (Frost, 2014).
Causal Failure Factors:
Absence of execution pointers and quantifiable advantages, insufficient administration bolster,
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The primary goal of the KMS venture was to influence on intranet innovation to build up a worldwide information organize so that the administrations in the bank could be incorporated. Among a few autonomous intranet ventures multiplied were OfficeWeb, GTSnet and Iweb (Chua & Lam, 2005).
OfficeWeb united the important branch directors in the Domestic Division to make a group of clients where nearby information could be openly shared. The venture was deliberately essential as it could bolster the move towards a more decentralized, entrepreneurial, and hierarchical structure in the branches. GTSnet was expected to unite the divergent wellsprings of data over the bank and permit clients in the Transaction Services Division to acquire data from an incorporated source. The venture was given plentiful monetary assets and was staffed for the most part by outside IT advisors. Iweb was outlined particularly for the IT work (Choy & Suk,
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By and by, reviews are best used to assemble staff suppositions, instead of particular knowledge on which to base choices (McKenna, 2008). Mind should likewise be taken when building up the overview addresses, and breaking down the outcomes. Overview comes about must dependably be bolstered with the utilization of different methods, to give trust in the discoveries.
Task analysis
Not all exercises inside an association are of equivalent esteem. Key business errands ought to be recognized, and explored to pick up a comprehension of the means included, and the knowledge required at every progression. The current sources of the knowledge can then be recognized, alongside the key issues and detours affecting upon the adequacy and productivity of the undertaking (Robertson, n.d.).

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