Knowledge Management Project Based Organizations Essay

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Critical Review

Knowledge Management in Project-Based Organizations
Critical Review
Submitted by:Taher ALAmeri
Module Coordinator: Dr. Khaled Shaalan
MGT601: Management of Knowledge in Projects
Faculty of Engineering & IT the British University in Dubai

This study clarifies parts of knowledge management, for example, corporate memory, proficient systems, mentorship programs, and so forth, whose effect on achievement of project conveyance was evaluated through the overview in project-based organizations. The reason for the study is to highlight contemporary vision on project achievement and to legitimize the way that suitable management of knowledge can improve project results. Depending on the theoretical framework the questionnaire was assembled and secured five pertinent to knowledge management ranges including organizational society viewpoints. Questionnaire was utilized as a part of coupled with meetings to clear up specific parts of the study. The perception uncovered that utilization of knowledge management practices has impact on project achievement criteria and can enhance the procedure of fruitful project conveyance. There is additionally a need for further research which emerges from specific constraints of the study. Further research ought to cover those knowledge management hones that have not been examined in this study and all the more profoundly explore those practices that…

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