Knowledge Management : An Integral Part Of The Army And Its Operations

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Over the years, knowledge management has proved to be an integral part of the Army and its operations. The Army has recognized the benefits and importance of knowledge management and since the implementation of the knowledge management discipline, the Army has grown the discipline, increased awareness, implementation and management across all levels and echelons. Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and its units were no exception to this implementation and now knowledge management has become an integral part of daily operations within TRADOC. As one of those subordinate units, the Warrant Office Training Branch (WOTB) at the Intelligence Center of Excellence in Fort Huachuca, AZ employs knowledge management to accomplish its mission. WOTB transitioned its instruction from platform based instruction to the Army Learning Model, which is a learner centric adult learning methodology, by facilitating peer-to-peer learning and employing a multitude of digital and analogue tools to facilitate learning. The knowledge management process is a continues cycle that is reassessed on regular bases for effectiveness and support to mission command. This assessment focused on the knowledge management process of WOTB in accordance with knowledge management components identified in ATP 6-01.1; people, processes, tools, and organization.
The most important component is people. “The foundation of this understanding is an individual’s tacit knowledge acquired through operating an…

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