Essay on Knowledge Is Power

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James Marie
Professor Baker
English 101
28 February 2012
Knowledge is Power, Power is Success. How successful are you? When looking for a job in today’s world it is known that companies aren’t concerned with whether someone couldn’t attend college because they couldn’t pay for it. They only care about whether a degree is held or not. This is why being part of the lower class has been so difficult for students wanting to continue their education. Preparing for a successful future begins with a quality education. For many students, however, the quality of the available education is dependent on their financial circumstances. In order to ensure that all American citizens are as successful as they can be, access to quality education
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During the hiring process employers are seeking well-educated employees. Attending college to further education is beneficial because it indicates commitment from an individual. Attending college not only makes someone more knowledgeable in academics, but it benefits individuals by developing character and shaping them into a better person. Attending college can teach one to be punctual, dependable and responsible. College can also benefit in teaching certain skills such as multitasking, organization and creativity. One of the most important benefits of college is obtaining the ability to handle pressure. Employers look for each one of these traits in an employee. An individual will stand out and be more desirable by having these traits and skills.
When applying for a job in such a tough economy, it is always favorable when someone can say that they have graduated college with a degree. Having an education will make an individual more desirable during any hiring process. Education and experience go hand and hand when it comes to obtaining a career or a basic job. During a hiring process someone with a degree and experience compared to someone without a degree or experience would appear more valuable. Every company and business in today’s economy looks for experience and a degree when hiring. Having neither will only hurt someone’s chances of being considered for employment.

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