Essay about Knowledge Is Not Power?

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Day in and day out, humans are constantly gaining knowledge. Knowledge is defined as information or skills based on education or experience. A lot of things on Earth today were invented by using one’s prior knowledge based on the education received or the experience one has gone through. Knowledge is then to create power to provide one with a stable job, social status, and a say in what another person can or cannot do. Knowledge can be gained through multiple ways like attending school, listening to leaders of countries/businesses, and etcetera. Ultimately, knowledge is not power; it is only powerful when it gets shared.
Knowledge is an acquired trait that develops over the course of one’s life. To gain knowledge in the workplace, one attends multiple speaking events and/or attends school given by superior figures. These superior figures are then sharing their ideas and one is left to interpret the ideas said and put them into their own thoughts. In the prologue of Canterbury tales, the sergeant of law expresses his knowledge by being a judge. Chaucer describes the sergeant of law of being knowledgeable in the field of law because he knew every court case. The Sergeant of Law has a great reputation for the people at St. Paul’s because he worded his documents carefully so no one could find any faults in the documents. (Chaucer). The Sergeant of Law gained his knowledge through reading many court cases during King William’s reign. These court cases shared other lawyer’s ideas…

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