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The university provides a plenty of basic knowledge in various fields that will help students a lot in future career. However, some people argues that the university should pay more attention to the intrinsic value of the knowledge instead of considering whether these knowledge will be useful in the career. Others believed that learning the work-related knowledge can contribute to the better performance in the workplace. To my point of view, it is more practical and beneficial to provide students with the knowledge that can be used in the workplace. The knowledge will be more valuable when it has potential functions, especially when the learners know it will come in handy one day.
First of all, one of the main purposes of university study
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In my opinion, the aim for dividing majors is to allow students to focus on the knowledge in the specific field. Therefore, it is more clear that the knowledge learned in school is directly linked to the career students will choose in future, or at least the top-choice career for the majority students. Because they have more opportunities to be recruited if they choose the career in their fields. Teaching career-related knowledge will constantly remind them the possible jobs they will be worked on in the future. This kind of purposeful study will not only help them to mobilize the initiative of students, but also allow them to have a specific study direction, that is the responsive learning. Some people may afraid this kind of study will limit the range of study for students and they will neglect some knowledge that is irrelevant to their future career. In my view, it is more important to study deeply of the knowledge about the specific field rather than study perfunctorily of the knowledge in various fields. For example, the student specializing in clinical medicine should put much energy in learning the nursing and surgery knowledge rather than learning other knowledge, such as geography and art. The purpose of the majority courses in this major is to serve for the career as a doctor or

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