Knowing Your Personality Essay

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Knowing Your Personality Type and
How Knowing Personality Helps in the Workplace
The term personality is used many ways in everyday life. Physical appearances, such as height, weight, and skin color, are very common ways for people to think about personality. Many people think about it as the intellectual qualities someone has. There are also references to how someone interacts socially with others such as kindness and generosity. It is by these qualities that someone makes a judgment about another person as them having a strong or weak personality and how someone judges someone they know. Working on the SAL gave me the opportunity to develop a better understanding of my own personality. When we start figuring out what personality type we have,
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Learning some of the things about my personality by answering questions was not necessarily easy. In fact, it was eye opening. I have taken many personality tests, and learning style tests that have told me how I interact with others, but none of them have been as intensive as the SAL. The SAL has four different sections; what about me, working with others, life in organizations, and other insights. Each of these categories goes deep into the subject and sheds light on parts of your personality that are rarely thought about. In taking the SAL, I have learned about my personality, in what ways in which I can improve, and aspects I can work on. This caused me to think about the different ways that I can incorporate what I have learned into my career in the …show more content…
I feel that of the four categories in the SAL, my engagement and how I work with others is my strongest, yet the one I learned the least from. I am aware of my ability to work with others, and most of the results of the assessment did not come as a surprise. However, I was able to learn many things that helped me understand more in depth what working with others really entails. My dominant need from others is affiliation. I desire to interact socially and be accepted by others. This has been something I have known for a long time. Many times I have done what was needed to be valued by others and to seek friendship in different aspects of my life. Pleasing people so that I could avoid disappointing them, is one reason why I desire such affiliation. I value friendly coworkers and have flexibility in my perception of others. I like to work in an environment that is positive and more conducive to work that is acceptable. There is a strong balance between being task oriented and people oriented, that has always been beneficial to me. Being able to distinguish which is more important in the moment is something I consider a strength. I have specific goals and a strong self-efficacy. A few of the results did somewhat surprise me, however. I showed moderate listening skills and moderate faith in others. I have always been a good listener. When it comes to listening, sometimes there is only so much you can hear. I think the

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