Knowing Your Niche For Seo Essay example

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Knowing Your Niche for SEO

Knowing your niche is a foundation for any marketing campaign, SEO or otherwise. Business’ need to know who they are appealing to, what attracts an audience, and even better, why potential customers are attracted to particular pieces of content or use certain keywords in their online searches.

Sandra Wallace, already being an expert, probably has some idea of what her customer demographics will be. She will probably even know specifics on what she thinks is relevant for RC enthusiasts and has a few ideas for some content pieces. Knowing her niche is key to knowing what keywords to target and what content will be relevant.

Wallace will have to go further though, she will have to discover her online niche. Without discovering her niche as it applies to online communities, Wally’s Hobbies could miss out on expanding their visibility, leading to potential loss of conversions.

How does Sandra do research on her niche? Keyword research is going to be her best bet. Since doing keyword research for her own business was discussed at length in a previous article discussing relevance in SEO, let’s look at some other ways Sandra can research niche markets.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing your niche isn’t just knowing who your audience is. It is also knowing who you are competing against, and what makes them competitive. By introducing a more in-depth keyword research analysis into her SEO strategy, Sadra can gain new insights into her niche.


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