Knowing Your Audience Essay

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Knowing Your Audience: Chilean Copper Mine
Annmarie Ocampo
BCOM 275 Business Communication and Critical Thinking
Professor: Nat Apihunpunyakij
May 29, 2013

Communication is designed to relay messages, thoughts, ideas, and information to a targeted audience. The relation or involvement of that audience will determine the appropriate channel of communication as well as what the communication will entail. However, during a crisis, the underlying thread of communication is that an unexpected event requires immediate response. The content, form, and timing of the communication can either help or worsen the situation. In addition, because all crisis evolves in different phases, communication, too, must evolve through each phase and with
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The families may have a hard time understanding what their loved ones are experiencing. Empathy should be expressed and suffering should be acknowledged in words in order to alleviate emotional turmoil in case they may not have the means to cope with the situation. This includes addressing what they are feeling and the challenges they face ahead. Formal channels of communication must be established to share how and where they can get more information as well as a list of what they can do to be supportive of their loved ones.
In considering the potential needs for the employees of the mining company upon the delivery of the message, is to know that their company is engaged and is addressing the issue directly using all possible resources available. They should also provide them with all the information including accurate facts about what happened, what is being done, and most importantly what they should do. It is also crucial to inform them not to release the information to anyone prematurely to avoid incorrect statements in the media. It is also important to inform them about their work schedule and how this situation can possibly affect them. Compensation wages should be discussed as well as hazard pay. This should all be addressed and

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