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Liberty University

Book Review:
Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament
Submitted to Dr. Gary Schnittjer in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
OBST 515

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary


Lynchburg, Virginia
Tuesday February 18, 2014

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Summary 3
Critical Interaction5

Dr. Christopher J.H. Wright love for Hebrew scripture played a major role in his decision to write Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament. Dr. Wright wrote that he was saddened that so many Christians love Jesus but know so little about who he thought he was and what he had come to do. Dr. Wright background is one of Anglican descent born in
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Dr. Wright provides clarity to meaning of son of Abraham and son of David, titles that are constantly used to reference Jesus Christ. According to Dr. Wright, Jesus’ mission was to liberate the oppressed, restore peace among mankind and nature to name a few.
Dr. Wright provides a discussion on promises and notes that despite a promise made by God, man must still respond. He notes that the Old Testament is a book filled with many promises by God, one that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. There is a extensive detail the covenants God made with Noah, Abraham, Moses on Mt. Sinai, the Davidic covenant, and the New covenant. Dr. Wright notes that the book of Matthew records five scenes from Jesus early life tie in to the five covenants God made with Israel.
Wright also examines the various ways the Old Testament foreshadow Jesus as the coming Messiah. He provides a discussion on the subject of typological interpretation. Typology according to Wright is sometimes used to describe the way of viewing the relationship between the Old Testament and Jesus. Dr. Wright goes on to explain that typology is not the way to interpret the Old Testament after providing a detailed explanation of what typology is and the components of it.
Dr. Wright identifies the mission of Christ and Christ knowledge of his mission. He notes however that the Jews had a different outlook on what Christ mission was. The Jews

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