'Knowing All Parents' By Ray Bradbury: Literary Analysis

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Knowing All Parents
Ray Bradbury is one of the most celebrated authors in the 20th century literature. Many of his books have been turned into screenplays such as Mobydick, Farenheight 451 and It Came From Outer Space. One of his work includes Zero Hour from Illustrated man. In the story, the author conveys many recurring themes such as the dangers of technology, . Bradbury offers the perspective of how the parents talk down to children in an attempt to show superior authority, through effortless and face paces speech of the way Mink’s mother talks effortlessly with no thoughts and fast pace.
The author uses dialogue between Mrs. Morris and Mink to demean Mink. Mrs. Morris’s seven year old Mink’s mother , establishes Mrs.Morris’s attitude
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Morris was tired. ‘Well, it must he funny. You’re keeping Drill waiting now. It’s getting late in the day and, if you want to have your Invasion before your supper bath, you’d better jump.” (137). Mink’s mother thinks the invasion is not gonna happen. Although, from her point of view, an alien attack from outer space seems little absurd. She casually talks about invasion as if it is not a big deal. Apparently, for Mrs. Morris, Mink’s security is more important. She is worried Mink will not come back home before the day gets dark. Yet, Mink has different priority than to her mom.
Again, Mrs. Morris’s tone seems to care less about the Mink’s adventure : very casual thoughtless toward the invasion as if Dril is just one of the Mink’s friend who lives in the town.
The dialogue in the passage by Bradbury assert “Well, Mr. Drill better mind his p’s and q’s. I’ll call up his mother and —” (147) For Mrs. Morris, Dril is nothing more than a spoiled kid who makes up weird alien story and makes up a childish game.
Bradbury uses lots of dialogues to show how much Mrs. Morris cares less about Invasion.
The author well uses the details- the way Mrs. Morris talks to her daughter. Despite of Mink keep telling the danger of Invasion and mother herself, Mrs. Morris refuses to listen to Mink seriously. All she does is playing along with her, amused by how creative can her daughter be. The Story well conveys the theme of how much parents take lightly of what their kids say.
Bradbury is simple a great

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