Biblical Analysis Of The Book By Franz Packer

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Packer begins his book by emphasizing on knowing God. He points that “knowing about God is crucially important for the living of our lives” and promotes the study of theology (Packer 19). Deeper knowledge of God would lead to fear of the Lord because God is not just the God of mercy, but also the judgment. There may be a spiritual gap in the lives of many believers because they lack Biblical understanding and the full picture of God. Therefore, the church should equip saints with theological knowledge and teach complete character of God, not just his “positive” sides.
I. Biblical Analysis
Packer’s first argument is that numerous Christians know about God, although they do not know of God (Packer 23). If we knew God, then we would have a great
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However, in order to have full knowledge of God, it is necessary to know that He is also the judge. In the Old Testament, God judged when Adam and Eve sinned, when there was a flood, and when the Israelites sinned in the wilderness or in their land. Many prophets prophesi ed of the destruction because of their sin. However, Packer brings up an important point that Jesus is the Father’s agent when He acts as the judge in the New Testament (Packer 144). God “has entrusted all judgment to the Son… And he has given him authority to judge” (Jn 5:22; 5:27). Packer writes 4 characteristics of the judge; however, there are no biblical scriptures that support these (Packer 141-142). Nevertheless, it is easy to find support for these characteristics in the book of Revelations because that is the time when Jesus will take action as the judge. First, the judge needs to have authority. This is already mentioned in John 5. Second, the judge is fair and righteous. Jesus is just, true, and righteous as the beasts sing in Rev 15:3-4. Third, the person has the wisdom to discern truth. Jesus has power, wealth, wisdom, and strength as a slain Lamb (Rev 5:11). Lastly, the judge has the executive power. When the seven seals and the scrolls must be broken for the Day of Judgment, no one is able but Jesus. He is “worthy to take the scrolls and open the seals” because he was slain (Rev …show more content…
Proverbs 1:7 states that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Although it is comforting to know that God forgives us, loves us, and helps us in dire circumstances, if we do not know that God is a jealous God, then we will lack in knowing the consequences of sin. If we do not know the consequences of sin and how much our God does not want to lose us to sin, then we will continue to live a lifestyle far from our spirit’s desire. Thus, instead of regular messages of healing, forgiveness, or other positive aspects of Christian faith, there needs to be teachings of the graveness of sin and the fear of the

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