Kleptomania Essay example

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Klepto, Kleptomaniac, Kleptomania, some are just punned names, typically used to describe anyone who steals, but Kleptomania is more than just stealing and is recognized as an Impulse Control Disorder.
Kleptomania [Gr.,=craze for stealing], irresistible compulsion to steal, motivated by neurotic impulse rather than material need. No specific cause is known. The condition is considered generally as the result of some underlying emotional disturbance rather than as a form of neurosis in itself. Legally kleptomania is not classified as insanity, and individuals are held responsible except when complete lack of control over their actions can be definitely established. (Columbia Encyclopedia, 2008)

Kleptomania was first recognized by the
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(Psychology Today, 2008)

Researchers at Stanford University were encouraged by early study results of the drug escitalopram which was marketed as Lexapro to treat kleptomania. In October 2004 more volunteers were needed for an ongoing study based on a 24-week trial period of the drug Lexapro. The researchers claimed that the drug had curbed the urge and impulse to steal in most of the earlier participants. “The preliminary results from the first patients to go through the study are even better than we expected," said Elias Aboujaoude, MD, a clinical instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and one of the study investigators. (Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week, 2004) During the “open-label” phase of the study, where the participants are aware that they are taking a drug and not a placebo, researchers were impressed with a response of 78%. The Lexapro study is the first placebo-controlled test of medication intended to treat kleptomania, and the drug has been approved by the U.S Food

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