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Dissertation Reviews: Hawkins and Heap
Amanda Klein
Liberty University
Dissertation Reviews: Hawkins and Heap
Hawkins, S. K. (2011). Economically disadvantaged students: A case study of resilient qualities that encourage academic success. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.

Hawkins Dissertation Summary
Hawkins (2011) completed a dissertation on Economical Disadvantaged Students: A Case of Resilient Qualities that Encourage Academic Success. More specifically, the case study looked at students who were both economically disadvantaged (ED) and academically successful. The students were from the same Caucasian family in Tennessee. The case study examined both risk factors as
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The results of the data was clearly presented and related directly to the research questions, intention, and purpose previously presented. There was a balance between both the discussion of the data and the analysis completed on the data. However, there was not a significant discussion of the strengths and weakness of the research study presented, and the conclusion section did not really sum up the research study. Another limitation which needs to be noted is because Hawkins (2011) research focused on a single Caucasian ED family. Therefore, before the findings are generalized to other populations, the data should be compared and contrasted with similar data and research findings from other studies conducted with students of other ethnic backgrounds. Similarly, the findings of the study should not be generalized to age groups and grades outside of high school students, applied to non-educational environments, and may not apply to families where both biological parents are not present in the home. A final limitation of the dissertation is the content of the abstract. The abstract did a good job of presenting the topic and intent of the study. However, it did not really include information on the methodology, data, a discussion of any findings, or mention implications. These were included in the main document, but for someone looking to briefly review research to see if it is applicable for their research,

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