Kitty Packard Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The Kittyhawk program’s total estimated costs are $20 million for two reasons. First, Nintendo is a strategic partner in the development of the Kittyhawk disk drive. The other factor for the initial cost would be retooling machine and upgrading required equipment in HP’s existing factories where the drives with be produced. Analyzing past data on previously released product by Hewlett-Packard and Nintendo's, we feel the revenue earned in the first six months will completely pay back the project. The planned release date for the new Nintendo device is at the beginning of the holiday shopping season, which helped shorter the payback period.
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Kittyhawk will not require any more contingency funds than what is already provided for our previous project. We expect to encounter fewer risks this time around now that we are certain of our target audience. Our partnership with Nintendo will also ensure success as together we will dominate the small-size storage industry.

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