Short Essay On Kitten Research Paper

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After a kitten is born during the first two weeks of his or her life is known as the neonatal period. Your kitten is learning to respond to sounds during this phase and they're eyes begin to open. It's important that kitten's aren't removed from their mother at this time otherwise it can cause aggressive behavior towards humans and other animals plus hinder a kitten's ability to develop important skills. Kitten's also begin to establish an understanding about hierarchy and good social skills from their mother and siblings. From 2-7 weeks your kitten enters the next phase of life known as the socialisation period. At this time a kitten is interacting more with their siblings and environment. They're gaining a good sense of smell, hearing and sight. Your kitten will start to perform instinctual behaviors like stalking and pouncing. At around 6-7 weeks your kitten is becoming naturally weaned by his or her mother. Your kitten will still want to suckle for …show more content…
Cat's will not respond to dominant disciplinary behaviors like a dog would and would only end up being counterproductive causing your cat to either fear you or become aggressive towards you. Cat's view their relationship with their humans in the same way they would another cat apart of their group and some even view their owners as surrogate parents behaving in kitten like ways towards them. Bunting their nose and face against something near to you or on you is a kitten like behavior that is the way they display their affection when greeting someone they view as a surrogate parent. The validity of much they've bonded is determined by the amount of time socializing that occurs between both you and your cat. Cat's will typically show they're desire to socialize when they are interested in receiving something from you like food, grooming or wanting to

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