Kite Runner Relationship Essay

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In the novel, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini the overall story is about a boy from Afghanistan and his journey through life. The book takes place in the United States, particularly California and then there are flashbacks to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The author uses these flashbacks to show that Amir cannot escape his past and has to use his actions in present time to build a relationship with his father. Throughout the book the main character, Amir, strives to build a relationship with his father, Baba. Primarily the novel is about relationships and how they shape us to the people we are. Baba, the father of Amir, may be strong, compelling, and successful but that does not make him a “good” father, it solely makes him just a father.
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According to Amir, kites are the only thing that connect him and his father. In this chapter Amir states, “...the resolution that I would win that winter’s tournament. I was going to win. There was no other viable option. I was going to win, and I was going to run that last kite. Then I’d bring it home and show it to Baba. Show him once and for all that his son was worthy. Then maybe my life as a ghost in this house would finally be over.” (Hosseini, Page 30). Amir craves his father’s attention and wants nothing more than to be worthy in his father’s eyes. After Amir says that he continues by …show more content…
A father is supposed to love their child or children unconditionally without hesitation and that is something Baba did not do. Amir had to prove his worth to his father which only made Amir feel like a disappointment and second guess himself everyday of his life. In the article, “9 qualities of a good father” by Gary and Joy Lundberg a father it said to be a, “Friend- He shows [his children] kindness, compassion and interest in the family members.” That is something Baba does not do. He is not interested in Amir or his interests until later in his life. Baba was supposed to play the role of both a mother and father in the novel and he failed at both. Baba is a father but not a “good father”. He is simply a

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