Kite Runner Movie vs. Book Essay

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Translating a book into a movie can be a very elusive task for many reasons. This is due to the fact that a book has many key points in it and compressing them all into a certain time frame can be very arduous. Mark Forster’s adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s novel the Kite Runner is a rather weak portrayal of what the author had originally wrote because of its bad casting choices, very significant and harmful cuts to the novel and scenes added throughout the film. Although the director’s intention to recreate a very touching story into a movie was a great idea, the author could have given more attention to some crucial and important aspects of the novel.
In the book, the characters had distinguishable traits which may have hinted to
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The importance of some of these aspects is too great for the director not to have included them which created an obvious break between the novel and the movie.
The author’s decision to make substantial cuts to the novel caused some very important aspects of the book to be shortened or removed. Throughout the book we hear about Hassan’s mom having abandoned him and later coming back to live with him. In the movie, the mother is mentioned very rarely, and she never comes back to see Hassan. Taking this part out of the movie was a bad decision because Hassan’s mother really developed his character and showed us his feelings towards his family. An important aspect of the book, was Amir and Hassan’s relationship. The book represented this relationship when it said, “We were kids who had learned to crawl together, and no history, ethnicity, society, or religion was going to change that either. I spent most of the first twelve years of my life playing with Hassan,” page 27. Due to the cuts of some of Amir and Hassan’s childhood bonding, the director failed to portray character development in the movie. Their development was crucial because it served as an understanding as to why Amir was so dedicated to save Hassan’s son, Sohrab. Another portion that was removed was Sohrab’s attempt to commit suicide. The scene demonstrated that Sohrab had a profound hate for solitude because of the living nightmare he had to experience while he was an orphan. By

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