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Henry Chan, who is the CEO of Kitchen Best, has set some ambitious targets for the business in 2008. However, his plan suffered a setback when a series of crises happened in 2010. These incidents involved in serious management problems such as personal gains made at the expense of the company and kickbacks offered and accepted between Kitchen Best and its partners.
Deep rooted practices of kickbacks, bribing and
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He encourages two-way communication with his employees and allows bottom-up input in decision-making.
• In China, the ideal boss is a "benevolent father". He is like a parent (a Chinese parent, by the way) who supervises his children on everything that need to be done. He believes in discipline and attention to details and manages his people at a micro level. He also spends lots of time caring for the personal welfare of his employees and regards it as part of his job.” – reference; management style differences between china and U.S Author: Joy Huang Shift of focus on different set of customers:
“eastern and western management (business cultures)is for 95% the same and differs in every important aspect.”- Takeo Fujisawa (Honda)
Kitchen best mostly focused on Asian market but Henry focused on extending the business to western customers. Till then the company had no experience with directly dealing with the customers of Europe and America, and hence has no grip over these regions. The dealings at mainland and decision making were completely left to trusted employees without Henry’s personal monitoring and they took advantage of it.
Henry’s experience as compared to that of senior management:
Henry’s experience was far less than most of the employees in senior management who have been working for the company from its very beginning. Employees like Ma, Sze were very much trusted by Chan dong and Henry couldn’t go completely

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