Kirchhoff's Law Essay

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Life is beautiful but not always easy since it contains problems and challenges that are placed in order for us to face them with courage. We are usually caught up in these situations through ambition or may not understand the value of what we’re given. Humans were made for a purpose and to experience the most powerful feeling in this world. The best of creatures in absolute terms is our Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), who set a perfect example of showing love and affection toward every other creation in this world. The Kite Runner is a complicated maze from beginning to end, therefore showing multiple examples of various types of love. This ideology has a starting point to it for everyone and in The Kite Runner this began from
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Amir was innocent and he lost his mother the day he was born. On the other hand Baba has difficulty interacting with Amir. He feels guilty of showing love toward Amir when he wants to treat Hassan equally like his son. For instance, during Hassan’s birthday Baba payed for his lip surgery and this made Amir jealous because Baba is showing more devotion toward Hassan. Amir also believes that Hassan is just the servant’s son, whereas Hassan shouldn’t be getting the love as if he is Baba’s only son. Baba understands the way of spreading love since he experienced it before. He is well aware of who should receive his affection and the limits of showing it. The Prophet’s love for children was not kept only to his children and grandchildren. The range of his mercy and affection was spread to all children, and he showed the same interest to his Companion’s children. The following hadith narrated by Usamah ibn Zaid shows this aspect of the Prophet’s personality; Allah’s Messenger used to put me on one of his thighs and put Al-Hasan ibn `Ali on his other thigh, and then embrace us and say, “O Allah! Please be merciful to them, as I am merciful to them.” (Bukhari). Khaled Hosseini expresses this act through Baba as he shows love to other children and not just Amir. This level of understanding did not come to Amir yet since he is learning and he feels that the happiness of Baba for him

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