Kinship Between The And Kinship Essays

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The word kinship can be defined in numerous ways, by different cultures. Kinship is when one individual or other individuals are related to each other. The people within a culture decide the behavior of a kin, and provide specific guidelines about who the kin exactly are. People will usually be taught about their culture’s kinship system, when they are infants. Kinship is also associated with reproduction, and the modes of livelihood. (Miller 2011: 118) A kinship diagram is a way to present kinship relationships of a particular individual, the ego, and this is depicted by using various symbols. A genealogy is a way of presenting a family tree by starting with the earliest ancestors, that can be found, then going down to the current people living in this family. The genealogy does not start with the ego, like the kinship diagram. (Miller 2011: 119) It took decades of anthropological research to come up with the information in regards to the words people thought of to refer to their kin, which is also known as kinship terminology. The three factors anthropologist have come up with in order to cross- culturally establish kinship relationships are descent, sharing, and marriage. Descent is defined as discovering the relationships of kinship though the origins of a person’s parents. Some cultures may look at their descent from only one of their parents, which is unilineal descent. Some cultures may look at their descent from both of their parents, which is bilineal descent.…

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