Kingsman The Secret Service Movie Analysis

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Kingsman: The Secret Service was one of my favorite films of 2015. I was initially excited for the sequel but when the cast was announced for the film it sounded like they were going in a more hokey direction and it turned out I was right. I’ll tell you now, this film isn’t nearly as good as the original but then again very few films are. What many people like about the first film is that it feels like one of those old Bond films from the Roger Moore days (the ones the PC Police poo poo on about these days) and focused on being more fun. While Kingsman: The Golden Circle is indeed fun, it is also an example of too much of a good thing is still too much.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits the floor running as only seconds into the film Eggsy
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The first one being Elton John. Yes, he is in the film and he is in it TOO MUCH. In what was a funny one-off cameo turns into a supporting role that stopped being funny an hour ago. I mean he’s in the film more than Channing Tatum and that’s a problem. The film is purposely cartoony doing things like bringing headshot victims back from the dead. I had to feel that Julianne Moore was miscast as a villain because she came off as too childish to be taken as a sadistic sociopath. With all the big names like Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges attached to this project, none of them really stand out, it’s still Eggsy show for the most part which makes all the talent feel wasted in their roles, I mean hell why not just have Jeff Bridges play the President and Give him more to do?

Kingsman: The Secret Service set a high bar that Golden Circle simply couldn’t match but Kingsman: The Golden Circle is still a fun enjoyable movie. Escapism is the key and Kingsman excels at being the Bond movie that Bond movies can’t be anymore…crude, violent, funny, and self-aware. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a solid popcorn to end a painful Summer Blockbuster

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